Request for TR02 communication access
The data of the truck company
The customer will be informed of any breakdowns or maintenance work via the e-mail address.

System house

The data of the supporting system house

Number of customers of your system house

Is only one customer is connected to the InfoHUB as a system house, for example, individual software, or you will connect several customers to the InfoHUB (in the near future)

Customer connection

Is the connection made via a dedicated communication path orvia a common provider access ?

Communication between Trucker and DAKOSY

Is the connection ACTIV - ACTIV oris the connection ACTIV - PASSIV ?

Communications protocol

Is the communication via SFTP oris the communication via FTPS?

System environment

Is the access required only on the production environment (only possible if the system house has already completed the development), oris the access required for testing and (later) in the production environment?

Further notes:

In the case of an ACTIV-ACTIVE communication, you can transfer the FTP access data for the customer via the annotation field or send the key file as an attachment.
The * marked fields have to be filled out.