TR02 Communication

Using the TR02 interface, trucking companies can exchange transport and status information with the HHLA and EUROGATE container terminals and plan container deliveries and pick-ups.

The TR02 Communication occurs in several steps.

As the first step, a Statusrequest is sent with the container data and loading information.

The terminal replies with a StatusInformation message which evaluates the data sent. If the data contains no errors, a Transportbooking can be sent. The TransportBooking reserves the container for transport. When the TransportBooking is successful, the terminal sends a tour plan reference number. Using this tour plan reference number, the trucker can use the quick self-handling process directly at the terminal, since there is no additional information needed.

With the introduction of Slotbuchung,  the basic procedure does not change. The SlotBooking is a part of the transmission with the TransportBooking.